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You showed up, today.

For your children.

Yes you.

YOU showed up.

This morning.

When you were woken up at some God forsaken hour.

When you groaned under your breath because its still dark outside, and you know a long day awaits you.

When the arguments and fighting have already begun.

When coffee is all that will pull you through.

You showed up.

When you shouted at everyone to tidy up their shit for the fifth time already.

When you wiped down the kitchen after food has been smeared over walls and floor, post breakfast.

When you muttered 'for fucks sake' under your breath at the sight of the whirlwind of destruction that was already being created around the house.

You showed up.

When you hadn't even made it to 3 pm and already you were counting down the hours till their bedtime.

When you hid in the bathroom in a failed attempt to get 2 minutes peace.

When you had a flashback to an easier and simpler time pre parenthood, and dare I say, missed it.

You showed up.

When there were arguments at bathtime.

Teeth didn't want to be brushed. Hair neither.

Faces didn't want to be wiped.

And time and time again.

You questioned yourself.

And how you were handling things.

Guilt consumed you.

And you sighed. Under your breath.

Many, many times.

You put them to bed.

They wanted more stories.

You were tired.


Longing for them to JUST CLOSE THEIR EYES.

You wanted an hour. Even half. Just for yourself.

Through it all:


And sometimes, on those days that are hard. Tough. Unmanageable.

And you feel an overwhelming guilt sitting hard in your chest.

I want you to say these words to yourself:


And continue to.

Day in. Day out.

I f*****g show up.

Every single time.

And THAT dear friends. Is what they need.

Not the best part of you. Not the 'perfect you'.

Just YOU..

You showed up.

And as a result.

I can safely say that without any shadow of a doubt.

You are being the best parent in the world. To your babies.

Just by showing up.

Love you guys.

Keep doing what you're doing.


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