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Teach your daughters to say NO

A few days ago, a man asked if he could have my phone number...

I know, I know, I still got it etc.

But here’s the thing. I DIDNT WANT him to have my number.

I’m not attracted to him. I don’t even see a friendship blossoming. There was literally no reason for this man to have my number.

And yet, I didn’t feel as though I could refuse.

Manners. Not wanting to hurt his feelings. Call it what you want. But I’ve never been taught to simply say “no”.

I’ve been taught to be polite. I’ve been taught to not wear certain clothing on nights out for fear of giving off the wrong impression. I’ve been taught to not drink too much in case someone takes advantage...

But I’ve never been taught to say “no”.

I chatted to a friend about this. She says it’s exactly the same for her.

She struggled to refuse drinks from guys when she was younger when out at bars. Or giving out her phone number. Or even refusing to give a kiss at the end of a date.... Struggling to say “NO”.

Which is insane. When you think about it.

Why SHOULDNT we have boundaries? Why SHOULDNT we say no? Why oh why should we worry about who’s feelings are being hurt? At the detriment of our own along the way.

If we ain’t feeling it, we ain’t feeling it. It’s really THAT simple.

Next time your daughter says “no” to you. Tell her to f*****g shout that shit louder. As loud as she can. Top of her lungs.

View it as a MASSIVE act of defiance.... Only don’t take it personally. The act of defiance is NOT against you. It’s against every uncomfortable situation she’s ever put in from here on out. It’s giving her the power to say “no”.

And that’s one HELL of a superpower to bestow upon her.


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