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Grow a Vag

My mate just bought herself a pair of workout leggings.

Nice ones. Real nice.

She sent me a close up photo of her wearing them;

“I can’t wear these. My vag looks HUGE. I have such a fat vag. I hate it.”

Now let’s not get pedantic about the exact women’s anatomy here...

She’s referring to her camel toe.

Her moose knuckle.

Her frontal wedgie.

And I can’t help wondering how on earth we managed to get to this point in society;

that we have EVEN started criticising the size of our vulvas.

I mean. shit.

Childbirth ripped me from ear to ear.

I’m proud of that.

So f.*****g proud.

It makes me feel like a warrior.

With the scars and everything.

And did it go back to its exact Pre pregnancy state?

Hell no. None of me did.

The physical side, nor the mental side.

But we do the best with what we have...

And seeing as I no longer have a booby cleavage (yeah, pregnancy robbed me of boobs too);

I’ve decided that vag cleavage is now officially IN.

Say “Bye bye” booby cleavage.

And “Hello” to vag cleavage.

Rock what you got.

Rock that camel toe.

Shake it about.

Show everyone who’s boss.

And viva la vulva.


Yes US!

We ROCK. Seriously.

In every shape and every flipping size we come in.

Let’s agree to stop being so bloody critical on OURSELVES.

Celebrate every gorgeous last bit of your womanhood.





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