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Celebrate divorce

When I tell people I’m going through a divorce, I always get the same response;

“I’m so sorry to hear that”.

As if a successful relationship is what makes for a successful human being....

And then, a few days ago.

I told someone I was getting divorced, and do you wanna know what she said?

“Awww mate! Congratulations!”

She went on to tell me how much stronger she is now.

How she loves being a single parent.

It broke her at first, but she’s gone on to be stronger and happier than ever.

A Phoenix.

Rising out of the ashes...

There should be no stigma attached to those of us who are at it alone.

Being separated is not a sign of a failing.

We aren’t living in the Victorian time’s for Christ’s sake.

Love yourself first. And foremost.

Because you bloody well deserve it...

And anyone who’s going at it alone?

Please allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you...

You might not realise it yet...

But you’re already absolutely smashing it.


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