• Katherine Thornalley

Be a Unicorn! You Earned That Status!

Updated: Jun 27, 2018


GUYS!!!! I am completely overwhelmed by the love and support you have all shown since the launch of Mrs. Mombastic, mum bod fantastic (ok, ok, I'm still working on the pun!). But the main thing that has really sprung to my attention is the complete and utter contempt that people have for their own bodies! Some of the messages I have received from mums who have contacted me asking for help with their fitness journeys have been "I'm so embarrassed to contact you, I'm so fat....", "I hate my stomach so much after having kids....", "Please help me get skinny, I am so fat..." to name only a few! I bloody hate some of the words people use to describe their body types. 'Fat', 'flabby', 'lanky', 'skinny', '... In fact, from here on out, I'm going to use a generic word for all body types. I shall replace them with the word 'unicorn'.

Love yourself, you've earned it

Looking back now, I can safely say that exercise helped me out of my post pregnancy baby blues. It's easy for me to say that now from up here on my high horse. Isn't hindsite a wonderful thing??? At the time, you would've heard me use words similar to the ones used by the mums who contacted me... "I am such a unicorn pig", and "I've got so much extra unicorn around my waist, I hate it" (yeah, yeah I know the unicorn thing didn't work). I was stuck in a rut but I bit the bullet, and you know what? I made some of my closest friends to date in those mummy fitness classes. Exercise makes you feel bloody fantastic. I'm not talking about the 'quick fix' sort of fantastic that you get from indulging in a piece of cake..... mmmm cake.... chocolate cake.... with cream.... and sprinkles.... and strawberries..... but I digress. Now when I look at my body, even though I've lost all of the weight, I still have excess skin around my tummy where I put on all of that extra weight and my skin stretched, but you know what? That's where I grew my son. I have silver stretch marks all over, but you know what? I earned those stripes. I pee myself when I laugh, but you know what? Actually, to be fair I can't think of a way of turning that into a positive, that really does drive me insane..... but my point is that no workout routine or schedule on the planet will ever be as tough as growing a human or giving birth, so remember that when you are being hard on yourself. Now back to that cake....

As mums it is easy to be hard on ourselves. Its the scariest thing on the planet and no matter how prepared you think you are for motherhood, you are absolutely not prepared at all. Before you embark on an exercise regime, I want you to do it because you want to feel amazing. I want you to do it to help you better manage those late nights, those never ending tantrums, the snotty noses, this sudden new feeling of anxiety when you walk into a toddler group. Because after that, everything else will fall into place. Now, just in case you are thinking of writing to me asking for help or requesting a workout video, for goodness sake please do not tell me that you hate your body, or you want a larger bum, or to lose all of your stomach rolls.... Because as far as I'm concerned, you already look perfect. I just want you to be happy. Love your imperfections and be a damn unicorn. Because my goodness did you EARN that status.


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