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Meet Mrs. Mombastic....

I thought motherhood would come naturally to me. 

I was  the best hypothetical mother that ever there was. ​

I judged other parents for doing things a certain way, and in my head, I knew I could do things better than they could.

And then I became an ACTUAL mother. 

It was tough. So, so tough. I struggled. ​

And the loneliness snuck in. Being stuck inside with the children. 

Worrying about every decision  I was making. 

Thinking that I was screwing my kids up for every mistake I made as a parent. 

And then I realised something pretty cool. 

That millions of other mothers out there, felt exactly the same as I did. ​

I was not alone. 

And so, Mrs. Mombastic was born. 

A safe place for mothers to be open and be honest about how they are feeling, with zero judgement. ​

Because its hard. Its all hard. And that is absolutely bloody fine. But its beautiful too....

It doesn't make you any less of a mother, and it doesn't mean you love your children any less. 

But talking about it, absolutely and positively makes you feel less alone.

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